February, in our family, has long been a month for hearts, flowers, wine, and candy. My daughter’s birthday, my wedding anniversary, and Valentine’s Day all occur the same week. There was less to celebrate this February as I am ninety-one years old, disabled, housebound, and isolated, same as everyone else, due to the pandemic. I still find ways to celebrate the month of hearts and flowers.

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Newly elected President, Joe Biden, brings fresh hope for our embattled democracy. However, our government is still being threatened by right wing thugs. The Covid-19 pandemic rages on, as the death count rises above four thousand per day. People are out of work and standing in food lines. The capital building was ransacked by Trump supporters. Washington, D. C. became like a war zone to protect participants during the inaugural ceremony. Trump left the White House in disgrace, while still claiming he’d won the election. His second impeachment is underway. Amid all this fear and foreboding comes the announcement that two new babies will join our family this year.

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