My book, Sunsets and Buzzards, was published last month. After writing this dedication, I was advised to use a shorter version. Below is the longer version which does not appear in the book:

This writing is dedicated to my son, Vincent Case (Casey) Macurdy, who died at age thirty-six from complications due to HIV which was contracted through a blood transfusion. Before he died he apologized to me for dying, as he knew I adored my children, and he didn’t want the rest of my life to be ruined by grieving his death.

 Because of his words, I made the decision to stay happy no matter what. For the last several years, writing these memoir stories has made me happy, and Casey deserves much of the credit for that.

 Details about Casey’s life can be found in this book in the story titled “A Mother Remembers Her Son.” He was witty, colorful, adventuresome, artistic, and open. His death was unfair and tragic. Also, his courage in facing early death has been an inspiration to me.

My other two children, Eric and Clea, have been very supportive and helpful regarding my writing this collection of memories. Casey was a good writer. I know he would have been happy for me as well. Since he wasn’t here to participate, I will do what I can by dedicating the book to him. May it help to keep his memory alive and honor him.


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